Prevent Baldness in Young Age To Not Like the Prince William

9 May

Jakarta, Prince William looked dashing and handsome in the event of her marriage to Kate Middleton. But when the cap is opened, visible symptoms of hair loss and baldness experienced by Prince William is quite disturbing.
At 29 years of age who are still under some hair experts, William already experiencing symptoms of baldness is quite frightening threat to men. Analysis baldness appears, from the habit of wearing hats in the military to hereditary factors.
According to experts wearing a hat for too long and too tight on a hot and humid climate can contribute to the excretion and accumulation of sebum and oil on the hair.
But the current threat of baldness can be prevented because of advances in technology were able to find some effective treatment is believed to overcome baldness.
Several treatments are effective in the future to cope with baldness, as reported by Askmen, Saturday (04/30/2011) are:
1. Hair Cloning (hair multiplication or multiplication of hair)

Hair multiplication (follicular cell implantation) involves the reproduction of the hair follicle healthy and distribute the amount is large enough to completely eliminate the pattern of baldness in men.

This is modern medicine and new versions of the transplant or hair transplant. This method not only grow hair in a new place, but also create new hair becomes thick and wavy.

2. Genetic Tests

Genetic testing is the way of the future to prevent baldness in men. Men who inherit two particular genetic variants 7 times more likely to become bald, according to researchers who analyzed the human genome at the DNA strain that causes male pattern baldness.
When the genetic causes of baldness known earlier, it can be done by way of prevention services genotype.
3. Natural regeneration

Scientists at the University of Pennsylvania studying wound repair in mice. They found that hair follicles can regenerate with the ‘renaissance’ gene was active only in developing embryos.

Remarkably, when the wound started healing phase, it triggers ’embryonic stage’ in which non foliker hair stem cells (epidermis) are sent to the injured area to repair the injury. The skin becomes receptive to WNT (wingless), which is a protein which is important for hair follicle development.

This opportunity allows scientists to manipulate these and other types of proteins to stimulate the growth of hair follicles (or vice versa, blocking if the growth of unwanted hair.) This process is to treat male pattern baldness also has the potential to treat other hair disorders and disease alopecia.
Hair restoration surgeon from the UK to provide some simple steps to help reduce hair loss, namely:
1. Do not miss breakfast time

Hair consists of keratin, a substance that gave her strength. Too little protein will affect the level of keratin, causing hair to lose power and stop growing.
“Breakfast is the perfect time to increase the protein in the body, with foods such as fish, eggs, chicken, red meat,” says Philip Kingsley, consultant trichologist.
2. Eating nuts

Lack of iron can cause hair loss. If you do not have enough iron, the ferritin levels will drop, which is an iron storage molecule in the body.
This in turn will interfere with normal hair growth and increases hair loss. Eat iron-rich foods such as nuts, red meat, dark green vegetables and dried fruits, this will help reduce excessive hair loss.
3. Stop smoking

Research shows that smoking can also trigger hair loss. This is because smoking can cause damage to blood vessels and damage the blood supply to hair follicles. So quitting smoking is one way to prevent baldness.
4. Relax

Have excess male hormones may not sound like a bad thing, but testosterone and dihydrotestosterone (DHT) can have adverse effects on certain parts of the hair follicle.

The hormone is absorbed into the hair shaft and causes hair to become thinner. After the hair to shrink, with a certain diameter will stop growing entirely. When men are stressed, your body will produce more hormones and tend to make hair fall out. So try to relax.
5. Do not comb out loud

Combing the hair with a hard to scratch the scalp and hair pulled out from the roots and damage the hair follicle. “It’s important to treat your scalp gently while shampooing, and do not pull your hair with a brush or comb,” said Dr. Bessam Farjo, hair restoration surgeon from Manchester.
6. Do not dye your hair

Studies also show that the dyes containing the chemical para-phenylenediamine (PPD) can cause severe allergic reactions and dermatitis, which can cause damage to the scalp and hair follicles.

Source :

Merry Wahyuningsih – detikHealth


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